AGSDM 29th Annual Convention

The All Gujarat Students Development Movement (AGSDM) held its 29th Annual Convention at Ankalpur Calvary, Anklav form May 26th to 28th, on the theme "Nyayi Samajnu Ghadtar: Yuvanoni Kranti ane Pragati". 

The convention attracted 130 young boys and girls form the rural and urban areas. Fr. Xavier Manjooran (the founder of the AGSDM) was the chief guest. In this speech he traced the history of AGSDM and the establishment of Ashadeep, Several sessions were held during the convention; these were mainly facilitated by former AGSDM members including one by Sch. Robert Christi on the Constitutions of India. There were also some meaningful cultural programmes based on society and today's youth. The AGSDM students also presented a skit on the 'Right to Food' followed by group sharing on the problems of the rural poor. Finally, each village/city group prepared a plan of action for the coming three months. The youth enjoyed the spiritually uplifting and beautiful ambience of Ankalpur Calvary. 

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