Magis 2017

MAGIS 2017, on the theme, "to give and not to count the cost", brought together 135 youth to the sylvam campus of XTI, Sevasi from May 8th to 12th. 

The participants were from the parishes of the Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar and Vadodara Dioceses. The five-day programme was focused on helping the youth to realise, the need and importance to get back to values like love, peace and have a place for Jesus in their lives. There was a healthy mix of activities which included the spiritual, pilgrimage, social, ecological, creative and cultural. The participants were divided into 11 groups and sent for exposure to places like Shram Mandir, Sindhrot, Mental Hospital Karelibag, Jeevan Darshan, Nyay Darshan, CCD. There were also visits to families who lost their homes recently because of a demolition drive by the BMC and to Chautu (the place where the unemployed poor gather to be employed ad daily labourers) in order to experience a bit of their daily hardships. The youth found the MAGIS programme a very enriching. The youth were privileged to have in their midst for some time Archbishop Thomas Macwan, archbishop (emeritus) Stanislaus Fernandes, Provincial Fr. Francis Parmar and Fr. Vinayak Jadav. Besides these several other priests and religious like Frs. Alpesh Macwan, Chandresh Christi and Andrew Sliveira spent qualitative time with the youth and provided them with valuable inputs. The youth were deeply grateful to Fr. Nagin Macwan and the GJYM for organizing the programme and the Jesuit community of XTI Sevasi for being a wonderful host. 

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