Monday, 23 September 2013

APPLICATION TIPS - Canada Visa - The Rules, The Procedure, The Documents


STEP 1 Prepare the supporting documents for your application 


Documents which are in a language other than English or French must be translated.Ensure that you provide all required documents,including: Letter of acceptance from the Canadian institution Valid passport Financial documents as requested in the application kit,including six months of banking history IELTS test results taken within the last 24 months are strongly recommended as proof of English language proficiency CAQ (if you plan to study in Quebec) - Qubec Acceptance Certificate 

STEP 2 Complete the study permit application: 

The form can be obtained on the website of the VFS Visa Application Center (see the instructions carefully,complete all forms,and submit all required documents You do not need someone to assist you with the application.All applications are treated equally,regardless of who submitted them.However,if you engage the services of an agent or a friend,you as the applicant are responsible for the truthfulness of all information submitted 

STEP 3 Submit your application as soon as possible: 

The ideal time is between two and four months before the start of the course.Submit your application at any VFS Visa Application Center.Pay the processing fee and refer to checklist to ensure that your application is complete 

STEP 4 Your application will be reviewed: 

If the visa officer is satisfied with your application and if your course of study is longer than six months,you will be asked to undergo a medical exam.Once the medical examination has been reviewed,a final decision will be made on your case 

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